D-Publish is a defensive publishing service. Submit your defensive publication to us:

    - your defensive publication will be become part of the public domain.
    - your competitors will not be able to file a patent on the same invention.
    - your freedom of operation is protected.

1. Provide the information related to your defensive publication here.
2. You will receive an email from us with a reference number. Reply the email and attach your defensive publication.
3. Once your defensive publication is received, we will publish it within 48 hours.



-Read searched patent abstracts, claims, drawings and bibliographies on one single page.
-Direct access to esp@cenet and Google Patent Search.
-Download PDF of a patent through pat2pdf.org.
-Download multiple patents in one single PDF file or in separate PDF files.



-Retrieve only the sections of patents and patent applications interested in PDF format.
-Can have one PDF file for all patents and patent applications to simplify reading and printing.
-Print only what you need. Save the trees!

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